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Why E-Businesses Need To Get Technical Support From The Very Best

Get Technical Support

Being one of the many SMBs in the country, have you ever given it a thought to get technical support for your business from an expert service provider in your domain ? If no, then you are losing out on a lot of things as a business owner,  the most vital being revenue generation, productivity, growth and the reputation in the Industry. If you are a tech firm that even remotely deals in software development or technical sales, it's a must[…]

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7 Ways Not To Sound Robotic Over a Live Chat

live chat

We all, at some point in our lives have had interacted with a live chat agent online. The encounter could have happened while you were confused about making a choice between two similar products that have almost the same features on an ecommerce site or while buying a subscription for a tech service. And it also seems fair to take the much needed help of the live support available these days on almost[…]

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Importance of Non Tech Support For E-Businesses in Today’s Times

Non Tech Support

For e-businesses in today’s digital world, the factor that drives the competitive advantage is the quality of your non tech support or the customer service. In the next ten years, customer experience will further prove itself to be a more vital factor to decide a business’s fate and the reputation in the market. With the advent of live chat support and other customer-centric approaches making use of […]

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An Electric Atmosphere Prevailed During Halloween Celebrations at VPT


Halloween, being the world’s oldest tradition that is celebrated globally, bestowed its festivities upon the employees of VPT too, as we celebrated the occasion with the highest level of zeal and enthusiasm. Elated employees from our organisation got their faces painted and wore some of the spookiest costumes ever to make the day special. Needless to say, but the ambience got filled with a warm infectious energy […]

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Foundation Day Celebrated at Virus Positive Technologies


Virus Positive Technologies which incepted in October 2011 as a Software Testing Start Up, has had a long successful run till date and is continuing to grow at a much faster pace than ever in the present times. On 13th October 2017, we celebrated our Foundation Day with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, where several breathtaking performances by our employees filled the night with dazzling colours and brightness. A[…]

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How Advertising Agencies Make Use of Non-Compliant Creatives to Betray Businesses

Non-Compliant Creatives analysis

Non-Compliant Creatives Analysis is a term most of the businesses are unaware of. Let us walk you through the meaning of the term and the impact it can have on your business. Its quite evident that most of the businesses these days are dependent in some way or the other on the advertising agencies to circulate their ads on the popular search engines. This comes under their digital marketing campaigns that are of vital importance in the[…]

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