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An Electric Atmosphere Prevailed During Halloween Celebrations at VPT

by November 6, 2017

Halloween, being the world’s oldest tradition that is celebrated globally, bestowed its festivities upon the employees of VPT too, as we celebrated the occasion with the highest level of zeal and enthusiasm. Elated employees from our organisation got their faces painted and wore some of the spookiest costumes ever to make the day special. Needless to say, but the ambience got filled with a warm infectious energy and a sense of festivity took over everything.

A Brief About Halloween and Its Global Significance

Halloween, a religious tradition that first emerged in Ireland and has its roots ingrained in Northern France is basically celebrated by the people from around the globe to pay tribute to their ancestors and the deceased relatives. It is believed that the dead in the family return back to their earthly homes during these auspicious days.

That is why many people construct an altar in their respective homes to honor the dead and decorate it with flowers, candies and a sample of the dead’s favourite foods and drinks. Candles are lighted to help the dead find their way home from the heaven.

Massive Celebrations At The Office Premises

A lot of pictures were clicked by the employees of one other, who wore weird and dreadful face-masks perfectly aligned to the theme of the occasion. This was then followed by a snacks treat to wrap up the proceedings.

In its totality, it was a fun event where employees from different departments within the company got a chance to interact and to know each other better. Further, the feeling of being a close-knit team as an organisation got even stronger. Memories were created that are going to last forever in the history of VPT.

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