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Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

  1. Mobile Offer Wall Testing:
    We monitor & test the page meant to promote several different advertising campaigns on real devices using real proxy tools for the following Parameters:

    • To check if offers are present on Offer Wall
    • Distortion on Banners
    • Text Distortion
    • Offer Duplicacy
    • Landing page check

    We download and install the app on real mobile devices using the proxy in which they are distributed and check the offer wall for above listed check points. We create a detailed report which includes screenshots of the failure and description when the failure occurred.

    Every mobile is then Factory Reset, so that clean environment is provided for every new execution.

  2. Mobile Virtual Currency Testing:
    Publishers and Advertisers offer virtual currency to the target audience either through in-game placement or through Offer walls.The currency is offered when the target Audience performs all or any of the following:

    • Completes a Survey
    • Watch a Video
    • Performs a Download
    • Unblocks a new level
    • Sign up for new services
  3. Mobile Functional Testing
  4. Entry Level Malware Testing
  5. Compatibility Testing
  6. Comparative Analysis