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Non-Compliant Creatives analysis

How Advertising Agencies Make Use of Non-Compliant Creatives to Betray Businesses

by November 1, 2017

Non-Compliant Creatives Analysis is a term most of the businesses are unaware of. Let us walk you through the meaning of the term and the impact it can have on your business. Its quite evident that most of the businesses these days are dependent in some way or the other on the advertising agencies to circulate their ads on the popular search engines.

This comes under their digital marketing campaigns that are of vital importance in the present day and age. Also, ranking your ads higher on Google or other search engines guarantees one with a higher number of clicks and thus higher number of visitors, which could eventually convert into sales.

Non-Compliant Creatives Analysis is a term used, when an advertising agency collects fraud clicks from random users on the web, who don’t have an idea about how a new tab showcasing a certain product has opened on their browser without them clicking for it. This is what is called non-compliant creative, as opening of an ad on a user’s system without him knowing about it is basically a fraud, which comes under the category of Creative Fraud.

What Exactly Is Creative Fraud

Have you ever seen a pop-up ad reflecting on your browser screen randomly and showing a banner of a girl asking you to connect to her or chat with her by clicking on a specific tab on the banner ? However, when you click on it, it takes you somewhere else and would open up a new tab or a web page showcasing the details of a certain product, may be an electric appliance or a household utility with a “BUY NOW” button embedded. That is what comes under Creative Fraud and that particular advertisement shown to you by wrong means confirms its entry into Non-Compliant Creatives Analysis.

Repercussions of Creative Fraud on Businesses World Wide

The repercussions involved are much more harmful than anyone could have thought of. Any business that has hired an advertising agency to market their products or services online must be paying a handsome amount to that agency. And, if the concerned advertising agency works on a PPC (pay-per-click) model, then the chances of you falling in the trap and coming under the umbrella of Non-Compliant Creatives Analysis are significantly higher.

Under the PPC model, you are paying your advertising agency for the number of clicks you have got on a specific link showcasing your product’s advertisement to a targeted user. That way, the advertising agency’s focus straightaway comes on collecting a higher number of clicks anyhow. To collect these clicks, some of these agencies make use of wrong means or commit creative fraud. They make use of adwares and malwares to showcase their client’s ad by committing fraud, and thereby collecting a click from a random web user without him knowing about it.

What are Adwares and Malwares : These are small pieces of software, which when installed on a user’s system leads to showing up pop-up advertisements and opening of multiple tabs on a user’s browser showing advertisements of different brands in each such tab. User on whose computer these ads are shown are mostly unaware of how these tabs got opened up automatically. They are even unaware of how these malicious apps or malwares got installed on their system.

How Creative Fraud is Done Under Non-Compliant Creatives Analysis

Advertising agencies, by infusing adwares and malwares in the systems of random web-users, make them open your product’s e-commerce page. This is done by showcasing heavy-discount banner ads to people on Facebook, Google and other popular social sites, where the web-traffic is optimum at any given point of time.

This makes people to click on that banner ad believing that they would benefit from that specific Sale or discount-offer, but instead, they get redirected to a web-page advertising about a product or a service. This is how these advertising agencies collect fake clicks, but to the advertisers, it seems legit. They pay for these clicks and at the same time also wonder, why the conversions are not happening.

Also under the domain of  Non-Compliant Creatives Analysis, the advertisements are not targeted on the focused section of people who would be more willing to buy a certain product based on their previous browsing histories and likings. Use of non-compliant creatives by an advertising agency must be identified by a business to make their digital marketing campaign fruitful, and to punish the concerned agency involved with the fraud.

Aggressive Creative Content As a Part of Non-Compliant Creatives Analysis

What is an Aggressive Creative Content : If you have ever come across a pop-up advertisement showing age-restricted or adult content and asking you to pay for consuming it, or luring you in any way to click on it, you would know what is aggressive content.

Once a person has clicked on such an advertisement that got shown to him by installing a malware on his system via an advertising agency, he gets directed to a product’s advertisement page and here, the advertising agency has collected one fraud click from him. That is how, fake clicks are collected by advertising agencies to generate more profits for them.

However, their clients are usually unaware of this fraud happening with them this way. This is how Aggressive Creative Content is made use of by advertising agencies to make fool of their clients. It would be certainly advisable for the businesses worldwide to make sure to hire an expert software testing provider in their respective domains to remain vigilant of these frauds happening with them under the name of Non-Compliant Creatives Analysis.

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