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Windows & MAC Applications

Windows & MAC Applications

We specialize for the downloadable products

    We take utmost pride in making sure that all the solutions provided by us to the clients are aligned to their needs and the specifications provided by them.we provide Compatibility & Localization Testing, Usability & Accessibility Testing. The proper functionality of every aspect of the solution including the security features, the installment process, all the APIs and the outcomes in different environments is tested by our dedicated team of experts. Other important parameters like networking capability and the database management are also made to go through a complete testing procedure before being certified by our technical experts.
    We scan your set-up file with our automated system in three stages:

    • Monitoring during the downloading process of the file.
    • Monitoring during the signature scanning of the file.
    • Monitoring during the installation of the file.

    Once the execution is complete we create a detailed report for the execution and deliver it to you. And then we start follow up with the antivirus companies for the removal of the F.P.. We offer more than 50 proxy location and a combination of 4 browsers for the execution.

    For Compatibility & Localization Testing we have in house team to test your web design/Application in different operating systems and browsers. It gives developers a convenient way to test their websites/Application Compatibility & Localization Testing on different O.S./Browser combination in one place.You can also request for any combination of Screen resolution & Color Depth and we also have flash and java enabled systems. Additionally, we can also capture traffic using Fiddler/HTTPFOX tools.We have more than 68 different combination in our Test Labs
  4. Localization Testing
  5. Toolbar Search War Testing
  6. Ad-on Search War Testing
  7. Web Monetization Testing
  8. System Integration Testing