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Non Tech Support

Importance of Non Tech Support For E-Businesses in Today’s Times

by November 6, 2017

For e-businesses in today’s digital world, the factor that drives the competitive advantage is the quality of your non tech support or the customer service. In the next ten years, customer experience will further prove itself to be a more vital factor to decide a business’s fate and the reputation in the market.

With the advent of live chat support and other customer-centric approaches making use of IoT(Internet of Things), Machine Learning and Data Driven Customer Support, the competition among e-businesses to garner better customer experience ratings will further intensify in the next five years or so.

Businesses with the best non tech support teams will surely stand out and will make more revenues than their competitors in the same domain. Having said that, the question that arises first in any business owner’s mind is that how to go about building the best customer care or the non tech support for their individual businesses. The other question that instantly comes to one’s mind is about which way to go and what are the critical factors that should be considered while making a strategy to leverage upon the customer care team.

Here in this blog, we will be discussing upon the importance of Non Tech Support in the upcoming future for the businesses worldwide, and how to leverage upon it.

Data Driven Support To Establish Itself To Be of Paramount Importance

In the past couple of years, data-driven proactive customer support has already gained a lot of buzz and popularity among the digital marketing and online advertising firms. Now, with the incredible support from IoT, data-driven customer support and marketing is covering a lot more ground than ever in terms of making customer experience better for businesses incorporating it. The ones who will not include it while strategizing about their customer support campaigns or the digital advertising campaigns will have to pay the price and would be found lagging behind.

What is Data Driven Customer Support ?

Data-driven support, being a part of non-tech support basically allows a business to collect the customer feedback related to its product or a service from all the portals on the web, where a consumer could possibly share his feedback. All these customer reviews or feedbacks are then accumulated at a single place for analysis to extract out the most common feedbacks or the issues that has negatively affected the majority of the customer-base.

This way, businesses get to know the mindset of its customers and the common pain points involved. Help could be taken from these data-driven statistics to further improve upon the weak points and to provide proactive support before a customer is forced upon to make a complaint.

Live Chat Support – An Integral Part of Non Tech Support

The importance of live chat support cannot be avoided in the non tech support space, as it serves as a factor that determines whether a half-hearted liking of a customer towards a product or a service of yours would be converted to sales or not. The quality of services provided by a live support agent could prove to be a deciding factor for a user on your site to purchase your offering or bounce off to your competitor’s site.

E-Commerce Industry Is Heavily Dependent on Non Tech Support To Excel

Being into e-commerce these days requires you to have a team of the best customer support people in place, especially the live support. It’s a mandate to hire the best in your domain when it comes to providing a quality customer experience to your consumers, which also happens to be the pivotal factor these days in deciding your position on the world map in terms of reputation and longevity.

Customers buy products from an online retailer whose chat support is active and quick to respond. Any lag in response time, whatsoever, make them jump to your competitor’s site within seconds. So, it would be advisable to choose and hire the best talent available in your domain.

Importance of Non Tech Support For Debt-Collection Agencies

For debt collections, non tech customer support plays a very crucial role in terms of persuading loan-takers to pay their debts on time. The convincing power of the customer support agents gets tested over here and only a person with a comprehensive skill set that includes good communication skills, convincing ability, quick responder and a person with an analytical bent of mind would succeed in this profile.

That is why, the quality and efficiency of your non tech customer support team decides the statistics related to sales and the conversion rates. Collecting debts had never been easy, and for that matter you need to have specialised people in your collections team having a great set of soft skills, being self-motivated to close sales, and an ability to provide customers with instant resolutions to their queries.

Hire a non tech support team with utmost care and alongside keeping a clear vision of your requirements. To exist and be at the top in the next ten years, requires you to hire the best talent and to invest on them carefully as per the process requirements.

The various debt-collection agencies who will get majorly affected in the next five years based upon how they perform at providing quality non tech support or customer service are the firms involved in collecting debts for life insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance and mortgage loans.

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