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The abundance of abreast and innovative products and services has made quality a major criteria and aspect for customers in their selection. Software Quality Assurance Testing, which is an umbrella term, encompasses several software testing techniques and methodologies that safeguard and enhance the quality of the application. Quality Assurance testing for web and mobile applications ensures various functional and non-functional qualities, including performance and security traits.

So, partner with us and stop compromising your software’s quality. As one of the pioneered and global leaders in Software Quality Assurance & Testing, we offer our clients state-of-the-art quality assurance & testing solutions across multiple domains, making their products & services successful. Our QA testing services include, over all planning, integrated testing, test plans, test cases and methodology development, test script creation and execution, and more.


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Functional Testing and Validating the software system through QA professionals

Functional Testing

Validating the software system to confirm each functional requirement of the application meets the expected output. Our experienced QA professionals implement functional testing to majorly focus on the user interface, database security, API's, client or server application and similar functionalities of the application.

Usuability Testing - Monitor and analysis application and user behaviour

Usability Testing

Monitor application behaviour when multiple functions of the application operate concurrently. Our in-depth analysis of user behaviour patterns indentifies potential usability issues in the initial phase and create a seamless product.

Performance Testing - Executing quality checks and software behaviour analysis

Performance Testing

Increasing load time, inefficient responsiveness and instability can be overcome by performance testing. Our profound experience by executing quality checks and software behaviour analysis under load and stree gaurantees flawless, reliable and smarter applications.

Security Testing - To prevent from cyber attacks & breaches

Security Testing

With the ever advancing technology, cyber attacks & breaches are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, which has made protecting important information & data difficult for organizations around the world. The rise in these attacks & exploitation of organization’s vulnerabilities has made security testing a vital part of software development process.

Compatibility Testing of application across different browsers, databases, hardware, server infrastructures, resolution displays & devices

Compatibility Testing

Explore the possibilities of compatibility testing with our sandbox environment where an application/SAAS/PAAS is tested meticulously across different browsers, databases, hardware, server infrastructures, resolution displays & devices.

Mobile App Testing - To deliver fully functional, device compatible, & deliver top class user experience

Mobile App Testing

Mobile devices & apps have revolutionized the digital world and are dominating the lives of the people all over the world. From personal to professional, every crucial & minor task is being performed on smartphones, tablets, and more, with the assistance of numerous high quality mobile apps. Therefore, for you business to be successful, it is extremely important to create user friendly mobile & web applications, which are fully functional, device compatible, & deliver top class user experience.


Give your business vision a life, turn it into a reality

We offer an intutive and design-led engineering product services to accelerate software product innovation & deliver a superior customer experience.

Faster Onboarding

We hold an upper hand in diversified projects of any technology or industry or size of the project & make solutions imperceptible in regards to time, culture & location.

Advantageous Experience

Our board experience in catering to multiple industries & addressing their individual needs has made us the most versatile company.

Business Insights

We delve deeper into short-term & long-term vision of the project and after getting acquainted with the client's goal, we draft a customized service/solution.

Database Decision Making

We have a knack of business knowledge & can convert your business objectives into reality with our tech enabled & data driven customized solutions.

Business Friendly Hiring Models

Take your business to the next level by hiring our expert engineers on monthly or fixed price models.

Delivering the Right Solution

We excel in delivering the best suited solution as per the custom needs, be it start ups or mid sized or large enterprise.

Discuss Your Brand Protection Needs

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