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Trademark Infringement

What is Brand Infringement?

A brand is an intangible asset assigned to a specific company, product, or individual. It’s a concept that helps people identify different entities and can include a name, a logo, a particular icon, color, and slogans. A brand name helps create a perception about the product or company and differentiate it from competitors.

Brand infringement in the digital world uses any brands or advertisers trademarked, patent, or copyrighted material to attract customers. Malicious affiliates use the brand's trademarked property like name, logo, slogans, and more to attract user traffic. Using a brand's intellectual property hits its reputation and misleads the customers.

How Affiliates are Cheating Brands?

What do Brands have to lose?


Brand position and image play an essential role in creating a brand. Brand infringements by competitors, affiliates, resellers, & arbitrage sites directly hit a brand’s reputation.

Customer’s Trust

Affiliates use malicious tactics of collecting personal user information, redirecting customers from platform to platform, showing expired deals from the brand, and eventually hurting the customer’s trust.

Marketing ROI

Using a brand's name and logo in promotional campaigns makes it easier for the affiliates to attract customers. In the case of brand infringement, advertisers end up paying malicious affiliates

Know How your Affiliates are promoting your Brand

with our customized affiliate fraud solutions

Cookie Hijacking - Customer Journey Hijacking

Who Can Benefit?


We use machine learning and reverse engineering approaches to monitoring the ways your affiliates are promoting your brand. We help advertisers to maintain compliances, recover the advertising budgets and protect their brand reputation. Manage your affiliate networks with real-time monitoring to drive revenue and preserve the customer experience.

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Affiliate Networks

Our data driven publisher profiling and fraud detection solutions help affiliate networks track and analyze each activity of their affiliates. Track and monitor the affiliates to give the best ROI to the advertisers relying upon your network. Enhance your reputation for high-quality traffic by evaluating targeted publisher content.

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Digital Media Agencies

We help digital agencies to differentiate their offering and provide high-quality traffic by evaluating the affiliate content that uses their client's tracking links. Our technology-enabled customized solutions help digital agencies automate frequent checks for affiliate fraud. In turn, enhancing their customer satisfaction and maintaining global marketing compliances.

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Yes, using a brand's name, logo, or any other intellectual property is a legal offense, and there are laws protecting brands. Using VPT’s Brand Compliance Monitoring Solutions, brands can get details of all infringing ads and report them to the search engines for the takedown.

This is a brand-specific decision. If the brand guidelines allow the affiliates to use their brand name in a statement format, they can do so. For example, if a brand XYZ sells shoes using performance marketing, the affiliates can not use the heading ‘XYZ shoes’ but can use Shoes from XYZ.

Our solutions and services can detect all affiliate frauds and display ad frauds. Our smart crawlers can crawl the search result pages to find content where the brand's name is used to attract users.

Yes, we support pre-configured API and customized API for reports.

We monitor the brand keywords and auto-submit violations to the search engine for the takedown. All cases are legally documented, saved, and archived with a screenshot, including timestamp, WARC File, and Network Logs for legal assessments.


Brand Protection Solutions

app2app Extension Analyzer


One-stop solution to analyze and monitor the risk score for web extensions published on chrome, firefox & edge browsers. Get insights on the ad injections through browser extensions impacting your customer's online journey.
Affitraps - Affiliate Traps Tracker


Analyze thousands of referring URL’s to identify cookie stuffing in just one click. Affitraps crawl the sites driving traffic to the advertiser’s website and flags illegitimate cookies stuffed by affiliates.
The Paid Click Monitoring tool

The Paid Click

Get analytical insights into your branded keyword promotions and protects your brand from any affiliate violation on paid search or brand bidding frauds. Our tool helps you monitor your paid advertisements and eliminate unwanted ad placements.

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