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Virus Positive Technologies (VPT) is pioneering the market of Affiliate Fraud Management & Brand Protection. VPT’s disruptive methodology identifies non-compliant behaviours like Pop ads, Brand-bidding (the use of brand name keywords that are prohibited), Incentives (any incentive practices, such as offering cash for clicking), Aggressive & misleading creatives, Malvertising (injecting malicious ads or links into legitimate ad materials), Unauthorized creatives (the copy, visuals, or links for custom ads), Pre-landers & fake browser alerts, Google Display Network (any promotional activity on the GDN platform), Spamming, Bundling, Forced Redirects injected into consumer web sessions that divert customers to competitor offerings, hurting conversion rates and damaging brand reputation.

In addition, our Anti-Malware Lab conducts security research, analyzes malware and potentially unwanted apps & collaborates with Product software developers to enrich Windows & Mac protection significantly. After we have identified malware, we give Software developers Malware Meta Data with the corresponding signatures and sample. The developers use these details to improve the software, helping to clean infected Windows or Macs and protect them from further infections.

By eliminating these invasive promotions, VPT’s consistently recovers Advertisers revenue and brand value; companies are able to win back more than 90% of their stolen revenue. The world’s largest retailers rely on VPT’s solutions to eliminate invasive promotions, preserve the online customer experience, and consistently recover Advertiser’s revenue.

At Virus Positive Technologies, we strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and pride ourselves on our ability to produce solutions of unparalleled depth and quality.

Headquartered in India, Gurgaon, with 100+ engineers, VPT was created with the mission of liberating the digital world from artifice by blending machine learning & digital ecosystem.

Virus Positive retreive your brand reputation and stolen advertising budgets


We recover your diminished brand reputation and stolen advertising budgets!

  • Authenticity of the Source

    Get insights on the affiliate activities with our customized dashboards and analyze the impact to take corrective actions. We provide supporting evidence of each detected fraud and share it for transparency with the clients.
  • Industry Expertise

    We are a team of digital natives with over a decade of experience identifying and eliminating affiliate marketing frauds and traps. Our affiliate monitoring tools and software ensure compliance with the advertiser's marketing guidelines and flag any violations identified.
  • Dynamic Information

    Our dynamic A/B testing methodology and sandbox execution for windows and mac gives an insight to behavior characterization and their impact on your business.


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Surge in Monthly Advertising ROI


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We are helping our clients all over the globe to win back more than 90% of their stolen advertising revenues. What are you waiting for? Secure your brand reputation and maximize your advertising roi with our customized.
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