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Affitraps is a automated tracking tool to track the trackers . It adds a layer of transparency to the data set captured . It has the capability to identify Cookie stuffing resulting from a domain through direct/immediate re-direction. A domain can be configured in multiple ways to redirect/Stuff third party cookies on user machine. This tool crawls all the input domains on Cloud Agents to automatically collect third party trackers and filter them accordingly.

Four different inbuilt phases in Affitraps.

  • Root Domain Immediate
  • Redirection
  • Domain Analysis
  • Cookie Stuffing
  • Fuzzed Domain Cookie Stuffing

The tool comes with a powerful reporting platform, to configure the input scans and to view the output reports.


Stolen Revenue Retrieved


Surge in Monthly Advertising ROI


Customer Retention Rate


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Are you using affiliate marketing to promote your brand? Sit back and let us guard your brand and customers. Virus Positive Technologies secures your Affiliate Network from all kinds of affiliate traps and protect your brand’s reputation by monitoring your digital advertising channels using brand compliance monitoring tools and brand protection solutions.
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We recover your diminished brand reputation and stolen advertising budgets!

  • Authenticity of the Source

    Get insights on the affiliate activities with our customized dashboards and analyze the impact to take corrective actions. We provide supporting evidence of each detected fraud and share it for transparency with the clients.
  • Industry Expertise

    We are a team of digital natives with over a decade of experience identifying and eliminating affiliate marketing frauds and traps. Our affiliate monitoring tools and software ensure compliance with the advertiser's marketing guidelines and flag any violations identified.
  • Dynamic Information

    Our dynamic A/B testing methodology and sandbox execution for windows and mac gives an insight to behavior characterization and their impact on your business.

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