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App2App is an in-depth Extension Analyser. It analyses the webstores to produce data sets that can be used by security researchers, marketers & organisation (Organizations can use this tool to assess the Extensions/Adons they have installed). It produces a quantified risk score for extensions based on several factors. These factors include permissions, inclusion of vulnerable third-party JavaScript libraries, weak content security policies, missing details from the Chrome Web Store description, and more. It can identify security and privacy risks posed by the extensions.

App2App has the following capability

  • Manifest Analyser
  • Permission Analyser
  • JS File Analyser
  • Extension Profiler
  • Extesion Comparer


  • Predefined Set of 16 Powerful Reports
  • No Setup Cost
  • Watch List
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Daily Install Monitoring
  • Delisting Monitoring
  • Daily Trend Monitoring
  • Analytical Dashboard


Stolen Revenue Retrieved


Surge in Monthly Advertising ROI


Customer Retention Rate


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  • Dynamic Information

    Behavior characterization through sandbox execution for major operating systems: Windows, MAC.

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