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Affiliate Management Services

Monitoring the publisher data from the data sets captured using the analytical tool, establishing benchmark and, identifying trends, helps in understanding the gap & identify frauds.

Affiliate management services

Affiliate Profiling

Get to know your affiliates when they join the network, understand who they are, their promotional methods, their traffic sources and their marketing performance. This will help in detecting frauds, identifying gaps & building strong relationships with the genuine publishers.

Affiliate Data & Analytical Monitoring Tool & Software

Data & Analytical Monitoring

Monitor the historical data to set benchmarks & establish trends. Deviation from these benchmark & trends is a trigger & this gap analysis helps in identifying underlying frauds.

Virus Positive - Advanced Unique Ad-Injector Analysis Tool provides automated affiliate monitoring services and solutions

VPT Advanced Ad-Injector Analysis

Automated monitoring using VPT tools helps to monitor the traffic, which other wise appears genuine. VPT's advanced unique Ad-Injector analysis, uses the adware traffic generated by adware browser extensions, windows executables & Mac Dmg. The monitoring is done to identify price comparisons, Url hijacking, cookie stuffing, cookie hijacking, pop-up ads & click jacking promotions. You can protect your brand reputation, advertising budgets and customer experience with our automated monitoring services and solutions.


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Are you using affiliate marketing to promote your brand? Sit back and let us guard your brand and customers. Virus Positive Technologies secures your Affiliate Network from all kinds of affiliate traps and protect your brand’s reputation by monitoring your digital advertising channels using brand compliance monitoring tools and brand protection solutions.
"Our team of technology enthusiasts excels in understanding your business needs and integrating our specialized automated solutions for protecting your affiliate network from frauds, consistently recovering your lost marketing revenue."

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We are helping our clients all over the globe to win back more than 90% of their stolen advertising revenues. What are you waiting for? Secure your brand reputation and maximize your advertising roi with our customized.
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