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What are Paid Ads?

Paid Advertising is an online advertising model where advertisers bid on their brand-related keywords in order to show their ads on a search engine result page. Search engines reserve a space on the top of each search for the paid ads and allot this space on the basis of keyword bidding. Advertisers who bid the highest for the particular keyword appear 1st in the ad space on that search result page. This is one of the most popular and result-oriented ways of digital marketing.

Advertisers participate in the auction to reserve their ad in the ad space on SERP. There are two payment models under this, the Pay-Per-Impression model, where advertisers pay for every 1000 impressions of their ad, and the Pay-Per-Click model, in which advertisers pay for each user click. Affiliates use the method of keyword bidding to consume the marketing budgets of the advertisers and get their ads on top of paid advertisements on any search results page.

What is Paid Ad Violation?

Know How your Affiliates are promoting your Brand

with our customized affiliate fraud solutions
Cookie Hijacking - Customer Journey Hijacking

Who Can Benefit?


We use machine learning and reverse engineering approaches to monitoring the ways your affiliates are promoting your brand. We help advertisers to maintain compliances, recover the advertising budgets and protect their brand reputation. Manage your affiliate networks with real-time monitoring to drive revenue and preserve the customer experience.

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Affiliate Networks

Our data driven publisher profiling and fraud detection solutions help affiliate networks track and analyze each activity of their affiliates. Track and monitor the affiliates to give the best ROI to the advertisers relying upon your network. Enhance your reputation for high-quality traffic by evaluating targeted publisher content.

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Digital Media Agencies

We help digital agencies to differentiate their offering and provide high-quality traffic by evaluating the affiliate content that uses their client's tracking links. Our technology-enabled customized solutions help digital agencies automate frequent checks for affiliate fraud. In turn, enhancing their customer satisfaction and maintaining global marketing compliances.

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Brand Protection Solutions

app2app Extension Analyzer


App2App is a tool that produces a quantified risk score for extensions based on several factors, including permissions, third-party JavaScript Libraries, weak content security policies, etc. Get insights on the ad injections through coupon and price-comparison extensions that show up on your shoppers devices impacting your customers online journey.
Affitraps - Affiliate Traps Tracker


An automated platform build using AI algorithms to continuously monitor the traffic coming to your website through various digital channels. Get detailed analysis of the user traffic driven by your affiliates.
The Paid Click Monitoring tool

The Paid Click

Get the most returns on your paid search advertising by monitoring your paid advertisements. Our tool gives you analytical insights on your branded keyword promotions and protects your affiliate network from being infected with unwanted ad placements.

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