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Outsourcing Software Testing

5 Key Aspects To Consider Before Outsourcing Software Testing Services

Digital transformation, adopting Agile Methodologies of development, and DevOps models have transformed how QA and Testing are carried out in today’s tech world. In 2019, the global outsourcing market amounted to 92.5 billion U.S. dollars. The emerging demand for a 360 degree QA makes software testing outsourcing inevitable.

Software testing is the most crucial phase of software development, but it is not the core activity for most companies. Outsourcing software testing to the specialists will allow companies to focus on the core business & mission.

The testing service providers work effectively & efficiently, ensuring good product quality and a positive business outcome. Outsourcing these services to a dedicated, experienced & specialized team allows for the best results.

This simple checklist includes 5 essential aspects to consider when selecting a strategic testing partner.

5 key aspects of Software Testing Outsourcing

1. Industry Experience

QA and testing is simultaneous activity in SDLC. Companies must make sure the testers they hire have already worked on similar projects, and experienced testers will understand your needs better and deliver the best results. A team that had done similar projects before and distilled its years of experience and success in completing tasks using best practices, methodologies, and tool kits will help accelerate the organization’s quality efforts and reduce time to market.

2. Technologically Advanced

The budget or cost of outsourcing is a significant aspect to consider. It is suggested that the decisions should not only be based on the cost factors. Companies must know that the partner uses the best technology framework and adheres to the top industry practices. The partner has experts in handling projects using the testing type, which is the best suitable for the business requirement.

Different QA and Software Testing

3. Engagement Model

Before you decide and choose a technology partner, you need to have the proper requirement in place. Selecting the engagement model is one of the crucial steps in outsourcing. There are multiple business models available based on your project requirement. Here are two common types to choose from:

  • Incremental Outsourcing: The company may decide not to give the entire project for testing in one go but can use an agile methodology. The development can be divided into phases and handed over to the service provider in parts. This gives the flexibility of securing the data and product information. This model requires a lot of management effort for the client.
  • Total Outsourcing: All the work is given to a single technology partner. This model ensures more accountability of the service provider and requires detailed planning.

4. Service Level Agreement

A service level agreement is a contract between the technology partner and the customer that clearly defines the goals and the expected output. Before choosing a vendor, the companies must define and design SLAs to align with the project and business goals. Some SLA’s to consider:

  • Reporting Timelines
  • Product Quality Measures
  • Process Compliance
  • Core Business Understanding

5. Security Standards

Securing the client information and project data is the most important thing for a service provider. A company must ensure that the vendor has data security guidelines in place and follows strict protocols to ensure that the client information is in safe hands.

Choosing a partner for digital projects is just that– a choice. Still, that choice can significantly affect time, money, and success. Virus Positive Technologies helps innovators make these choices regularly. Please consider the above considerations ahead of your next project and contact VPT to work with our dynamic teams. We provide our clients with a real-time outsourcing model, providing round-the-clock customer service. We offer a boutique of services into e-Commerce web & mobile development, testing services, affiliate frauds & customer support.

Connect with our team today – sales@viruspositive.com.

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