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Why Brand Protection Should Be In Your Paid Search Campaigns

Why Brand Protection Should Be In Your Paid Search Campaigns?

You might not believe it when we tell you that your paid search campaigns are not so safe. Yes, PPC trends are ever-growing and changing, yet the threat actors and competitors keep lurking behind your paid ad campaigns to target your branded keywords. 

Let us tell you in 2023, automation is an unavoidable necessity for search engine marketers hoping to flourish in the world of paid search. The search engines are heading towards a prominent automation of ad spaces, which are now occupying more real estate on the SERPs than ever, therefore producing a greater need for brand compliance. 

If you’re thinking of monitoring your paid advertising manually, then we must stop you right there. It is impossible to manually keep track of your branded keywords round-the-clock across servers of the entire globe. Now you may wonder, what’s the solution to this problem. 

So, before we dive deeper into understanding brand protection for paid searches, we must understand what paid search is. 

What Is Brand Paid Search?

Paid search is a form of digital advertising where advertisers pay for every click they receive. It is a typical advertising model commonly used in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as advertisers bid on specific keywords associated with their brand. 

PPC is one of the most looked-after strategies, as you only pay when a user has clicked on your ad. This makes it a perfect tactic for advertisers as they can affordably promote their products and services to their targeted audience. 

Unfortunately, your competitors may also try to bid on your branded keywords to steal your potential customers. If their ad is displayed on top of the search engine results pages, there are chances they already are stealing your customers. 

Brand Bidding

A bidding war happens when you and your competitors both bid on the same keywords, products, or services. The higher the bid, means higher the position of your ad on the SERPs. The cost-per-click also rises when you and your competitors target the same keyword associated with your brand. 

Why Do You Need Brand Protection For Your Paid Search Strategy?

The trends in digital advertising are ever changing, and so are the threats. Companies have perpetually been required to safeguard their brand on the internet; nevertheless, with the escalation of rivalry bidding throughout the pay-per-click domain, the necessity has reached unprecedented levels. 

Companies that diligently keep monitoring their paid search campaigns and take precautionary measures when required experience a low cost-per-clicks, create a better user experience for their customers and portray an authentic identity on the internet. 

In 2023, there is a greater need for brand protection as more search engines continue to occupy more SERP real estate for paid advertisements. With additional ad spaces on the search engines, the organic content and traffic are pushed further down below the belt. 

Most brands overlook the possibility of hiring brand protection services. Our trained professionals can help you detect and identify any fraudulent bidding on your branded keywords and help you save a significant amount of the advertising budget that companies lose due to affiliate fraud. 

Here is why you need brand protection in your paid search campaigns:

Higher Cost-Per-Click

More competition among your branded keywords means a significantly higher cost-per-click. Determine what your competitors are targeting and if they are bidding on your branded keywords or not. 

Brands usually come to terms with other brands by making a deal of not bidding on each other’s branded keywords. Now, identifying who is stealing your keywords may sound simple, but in reality, it is very much a complex task to identify these threat actors and take appropriate action against them. This is why companies need brand protection solutions for their paid search marketing. 

Decrease in the number of clicks

Upon an increase in the number of competitors, brands tend to lose almost 50% of their click-through rate. If your competitors are occupying ad spaces for your branded keywords, chances are that you will lose a significant amount of potential customers. 

Affiliate tempering with the metrics

Affiliate competitors can temper with the bid automation and conversions, causing you to lose advertising budgets by 20%. Publishers tend to target branded keywords in order to drive traffic away from your site to their site. Then they redirect the user to your site with an affiliation cookie, causing you to pay for traffic that could come to your brand organically. This is called immediate redirection, and it can put a dent in your search marketing budget. 

Consumers seek Branded Keywords 

Branded keywords are well-admired among customers looking for specific brands, products, or services. For example, Nike was the most searched shoe brand in the world, with about 413.1 million searches in 2022 alone. Impressive, isn’t it?

How To Protect Your PPC Optimization Campaigns?

We cannot emphasize enough on how brand protection in paid search advertising is so vital, but Virus Positive Technologies (VPT) can. 

Virus Positive Technologies is a prestigious ad fraud detection and prevention organization with multiple international clientele. We can help you safeguard your paid ads by identifying the threat actors in your PPC campaigns and help you take disciplinary action against them. 

At VPT, we provide high-end automated brand compliance and monitoring tools that can identify affiliate ad frauds across the global network. Trust us when we tell you a brand compliance tool by VPT can do wonders for your paid searches.

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