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Annual Appraisals For Employees Marked Another Growth Story Of VPT

Annual appraisals and appreciations are an essential part of company culture. The appraisal month is no less than any suspense or thriller. Excitement and anxiety remain high over what will happen next. It’s an entirely different aura inside the office; whispers and hush-hush talks among the peers boil up the discussions. “Hey, what do you think? How would be the appraisals this time?” such tight-lipped talks are enough to give butterflies in stomachs.

Appraisals bring a monetary increment for the employees and assess their work overall. It’s a way to encourage the hard work of the employees. This is a method through which an organization conveys how well they performed over the year to their employees. It let them know that we understand their efforts, dedication, and hard work. Appraisals make them feel more recognized for their accomplishments.

Finally came the day of unveiling suspense. Like all the previous years, we take pride in successfully conducting appraisals for 2018-19. It is an achievement not only for the employees but also for our organization. We know that appraisals are the cornerstones of effective staff performance management. And, we are progressively moving towards creating the best future workplace.

Appraisals possess their benefits, and it helps in increasing rapport between management and employees. Therefore, VPT is moving to the next level in terms of job satisfaction and improvement in employees’ sense of loyalty toward the company. Performance appraisals assist the employee in seeing how her role in the organization contributes to the company’s overall success, thus increasing employee morale. These things lead to higher productivity among employees, which improves organizational productivity. Long story short, the appraisals this year added one more chapter in the growth story of VPT.

Gaurav Sethi | Co-Founder & CEO

Gaurav is a passionate people man who has worked on delivering business solutions and unlocking business value for a wide array of clients across different industry verticals and across different geographies. He has been an esteemed speaker at various Ad tech events for many years. With his pedigree rich in technology and business management, he has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years.

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