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How Artificial Intelligence Is Enabling Software Development?

As per a recent survey by Deloitte, the global market for custom application development services will grow from US$47 billion in 2018 to US$61 billion in 2023. It gives vast scope for companies to explore more efficient ways of enhancing the SDLC process.

Over the years, the traditional software development methods have become incredibly complex and require multiple dependencies. To match the pace of technological advancement, companies are readily adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning to disrupt the software development process by creating scalable and efficient workflows to drive productivity and reduce time-to-market.

Machine learning accelerates the traditional software development lifecycle and presents an entirely new paradigm for technology. The market research firm Statista estimated that the revenue from applying AI tools worldwide is expected to reach $37B by 2025.

Bringing AI to mainstream SDLC

Machine learning is based on the idea that machines learn and adapt through experience. Artificial intelligence refers to a broader view where machines can execute tasks, and it allows systems to automatically access data to understand and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

Now that the demand for digitally connected customers has increased manifolds, software companies are racing to develop and deliver products with speed and accuracy. AI allows the software development teams to make instant decisions using real-time data at scale, helping software development teams save time by eliminating human error associated with redundant tasks.

In this article, you can find four key ways artificial intelligence revolutionizes the software development process.

Agile Project Management

Developers invest significant time in manually writing the requirement and coding documents. AI-enabled intelligent programming assistants such as ‘Codota’ help developers offer just-in-time support with relevant documents, best practices, code examples, and more.

Automate Software Designing

AI/ML algorithms help automate the designing process by gathering data such as stakeholders, location of the teams, customer requirements, products, and type of business to auto-create intuitive instructions on what design approach to take without any manual intervention.

Accelerate Software Testing

The error detection in the early stages of development requires constant monitoring throughout the development life cycle. With AI & ML algorithms, developers can ensure error-free testing to be performed along with the development. Testing automation can handle time-consuming and repetitive tasks and improve the quality of the product.

Strategic Decision Making

An AI solution trained on both past development projects and business factors can assess the performance of existing applications and help both business leaders and engineering teams identify efforts that would maximize impact and minimize risk.

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